City Government

City Council meets the 2nd Wed. of the month at 7 pm.
Beaman Town Council

  Mayor: Ann Smith, Council Members:  Jason Scafferi,  Brenda Heitmeyer, Deb Ashton, Dave Moorman and Barry Brockman .


City Clerk

Beaman Town Council

City Clerk Office Hours:

Mon. & Tues. 8 am – 12 pm                                                                                  Jeff Frank

Town Council Minutes

New Sign

Our new sign is up and running – Thank you to all our sponsors and people who donated !






Beaman City Hall cityhall2

  • The Beaman City Clerks Office and Council Chambers are located in this building. The City Clerks Office is open 8am – noon on Mondays and Tuesdays.
  • Phone number for the City Clerk’s Office is (641)366-2894 and mailing address is Box 125, Beaman, IA 50609
  •  Email address is
  • All City Ordinances are available for the Public to View at the City Clerk’s Office


Water and Sewer

Randy Daniel
Sewer/Water Maintenance Person

Beaman has one well, located at the old fire station on the south part of town. Because of high levels of nitrates, the city is hooked up with the Central Iowa Rural Water Association. Water is provided to the city through this system, with the water tower on the north side of town. The city maintains a sewage treatment facility southwest of town, consisting of a 3 cell lagoon system. Water and Sewer billing is done on a monthly basis through the City Clerk’s Office.

Streets and Alleys

The street and alley system within the city are maintained throughout the year by the City of Beaman. Each year, certain streets are seal coated and repaired. Snow removal is provided through the city. All streets within the city limits are seal coated/paved, except for approximately 2 blocks of roads on east Second Street.

Other Utility Services

Electrical and Natural gas service is provided through Alliant Energy.
Telephone and Internet service is provided through Heart of Iowa, Mediacom or others.
Cable Television is provided through Mediacom or Heart of Iowa

 TNR Program (adopted July 2013)

We have adopted a TNR (trap, neuter, release) program which will help control stray cats in town.  The idea is to catch any stray cats, have them neutered or spayed, and then return them to the area they were found.  We are also giving them a distemper and rabies shot.  These cats will have their left ear tipped (cut off on the top) to show they have been fixed. 

The Council has also changed the current ordinance regarding cats that are your pets and live inside your home.  The best practice is to keep them inside but if you do allow them to go outside, they need to have a collar on to signify they belong to someone and are current on their immunizations.  The change is that they also need to be altered (neutered/spayed) so they do not contribute to enlarging our cat population.  


City Hall 227 Main St Beaman, IA 50609 Open 8am – Noon on Tuesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays

Established October 18, 1875